Tiger 3, Release Date, Trailer, StarCast, Budget


In a stunning revelation, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan took the internet by storm in March 2022 as he unveiled the official teaser of “Tiger 3” on his official Twitter handle. The unexpected move left everyone amazed and eagerly anticipating what this highly anticipated movie has in store for its audience.

The teaser showcased the stunning action sequences featuring the talented actress Katrina Kaif, leaving viewers enthralled with her remarkable performance. The glimpses of her action-packed avatar garnered thunderous applause and appreciation from fans, amplifying their excitement for “Tiger 3.”

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Tiger 3 Movie Overview

Movie TitleTiger 3
Director Aditya Chopra
ProducerManeesh Sharma
Release Date/Year10 November 2023
Lead Actor(s)Salman Khan
Lead Actress(es)Katrina Kaif
Supporting StarCast
Releasing PlatformTheatre and later on Amazon prime Videos
Running Time
Budget₹300 Crore
Collection₹200 Crore (From Digital Rights)
Rating7.5/10 (IMDb on promo Video)
Tiger 3, Release Date, Trailer, StarCast, Budget

Tiger 3 Latest Information

The much-awaited third part of Salman Khan’s hit film series, ‘Tiger,’ is all set to captivate audiences with high-octane action and intense drama. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, ‘Tiger 3’ marks the return of the beloved duo, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, on the silver screen.

Adding an exciting twist to the narrative, the film will see the charismatic Imran Hashmi stepping into the shoes of a menacing antagonist, elevating the stakes for this action-packed venture.

The movie’s shooting commenced on 23rd July 2021, and since then, fans have been eagerly following every development with bated breath.

The much-anticipated “Tiger 3” has sent Bollywood fans into a frenzy as Shah Rukh Khan was spotted on the picturesque Mad Island, collaborating with Salman Khan for the film’s shooting. The unexpected camaraderie between the two superstars has left the audience eagerly anticipating their on-screen chemistry.

Adding to the excitement, Katrina Kaif is all set to dazzle as “Super Spy Joya” in the action-packed extravaganza, raising the stakes for this blockbuster venture.

Tiger 3 Collection

In a jaw-dropping revelation, the much-anticipated film Tiger 3 has already achieved a staggering box office feat, earning a whopping 200 crores even before its official release. The news has left the industry and fans in awe, as the movie’s pre-release earnings have taken everyone by surprise.

According to the latest reports from BollywoodLife.com, the reason behind this extraordinary success lies in the movie’s digital rights deal with Amazon Prime Video. The popular streaming platform, known for its extensive user base and global reach, has reportedly acquired the digital rights of Tiger 3, which has contributed significantly to its record-breaking pre-release earnings.

Tiger 3 Released Date

Anticipation for ‘Tiger 3’ has reached new heights as the film gears up for its grand release this Diwali. The highly-anticipated action-packed extravaganza, initially announced for an Eid release, has now rescheduled its theatrical debut to light up the silver screens on November 10, 2023.

The decision to move the release date was driven by unforeseen circumstances, which aimed to ensure that the audience witnesses the film in its finest form. The entire team has been working tirelessly to make ‘Tiger 3’ an unforgettable cinematic treat, worthy of the festive Diwali spirit.

Movie Official Trailer

Final Word

Despite the recent boycott campaigns on social media, ‘Tiger 3,’ featuring the charismatic Salman Khan, is all set to redefine Bollywood’s action genre and offer an unmissable cinematic delight. As audiences anticipate the film’s release, it’s important to look beyond the negativity and focus on the thrilling spectacle that awaits moviegoers.

‘Tiger 3’ promises a larger-than-life experience, combining adrenaline-pumping action with the electrifying chemistry of Salman Khan and the gorgeous Katrina Kaif. With Shah Rukh Khan’s special cameo adding to the excitement, the film boasts an ensemble of powerhouse talents that guarantee a memorable time at the theaters.

Let’s remember that the art of filmmaking is more than just controversies and social media debates. It’s about storytelling, performances, and the magic of cinema that transports us into a world of entertainment and emotions.

Salman Khan’s dedication to his craft and the team’s tireless efforts have resulted in a visual spectacle that deserves to be enjoyed on the big screen. As ‘Tiger 3’ brings together a riveting plot and jaw-dropping action sequences, it serves as a reminder of the magic that only cinema can create.

We encourage audiences to experience the enchantment of ‘Tiger 3’ for themselves, making their own judgments based on the film’s merits and cinematic excellence. Embrace the thrill of the tiger’s journey, and let this film be a testament to the unity and passion of Bollywood, transcending the barriers of negativity.

So, mark your calendars and gear up for an unforgettable cinematic experience with ‘Tiger 3.’ Let’s celebrate the love for cinema and support the magic it brings to our lives. See you at the theaters!