The Dispute over the Land: Akbar Birbal Story


Once upon a time, in the court of Emperor Akbar, there was a case that was causing a lot of trouble. Two merchants had come to the court with a dispute over a piece of land. Each one claimed that the land was rightfully theirs, and both had documents to prove it. Akbar was unable to decide which of them was telling the truth, and the case went on for days without any conclusion.

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Birbal’s Solution

One day, Birbal, who was known for his intelligence and wit, came to the court. Akbar was pleased to see him and asked him to help solve the case. Birbal listened to both merchants’ arguments and then asked for some time to come up with a solution.

The next day, Birbal came to the court with a pot of mustard seeds. He called the two merchants forward and said, “I have a solution to your dispute. Each of you will take a handful of mustard seeds from this pot and put them into your pocket. Tomorrow, you will come back to the court and show me the mustard seeds you have left. The one who has more mustard seeds in their pocket will be considered the rightful owner of the land.”

The two merchants agreed to the plan, and they each took a handful of mustard seeds and put them in their pockets. The next day, when they came to the court, Birbal asked them to show him the mustard seeds they had left. One merchant had no mustard seeds left in his pocket, while the other had many left.

The Outcome

Birbal smiled and said, “The land belongs to the merchant who has no mustard seeds left in his pocket. He was so confident of his claim that he did not keep any mustard seeds in his pocket to cheat. The other merchant, who has many mustard seeds left, was unsure of his claim and kept some seeds in his pocket to cheat.”

Akbar was impressed by Birbal’s clever solution and declared the first merchant as the rightful owner of the land. The two merchants left the court, and everyone applauded Birbal’s wisdom.

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Moral of the Story

The story teaches us the importance of fairness and justice in our lives. Birbal’s clever solution showed that the truth always prevails, and those who are truthful and honest are rewarded in the end. The story also teaches us that we should always strive for fairness and justice in our dealings with others, even if it may be difficult or challenging. We should always be truthful and honest, and never resort to cheating or deceit, as it will eventually catch up with us.