Har Ghar Tiranga: Interesting Facts to know about Indian Flags

White Lightning

Saffron Color -Courage and sacrifice

White Color -Truth, peace, and purity

Green Colour-Prosperity

Color Meaning

It was designed by Pingali Venkayya. He was a freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh.


Flag of India is to be made by ‘Khadi’ which is hand-spun wool/cotton/silk Khadi cloth


The Ashok Chakra in Indian Flag represents "The Law of Dharma"

Ashok Chakra

Size of Ashok Chakra was not Defined. But it should have 24 Spoke in navy Blue Color

Ashok Chakra

Width to Length Ration should be 2:3 and the strip of falg should be equivalent in width and length.

Size & Ratios

The Indian Flag was accepted on July 22 1947, just before the independence.

Flag Acceptance

Largest Flag was hoisted in Indo-Pak Atari Border with 110m in length, 24m in width and 55 tons in weight

Largest Flag

Indian Flag was Flew into Space during Indo-Soviet Joint Space flight in 1984 as Emblem on Spacesuit worn by Rakesh Sharma

Into Space

First Indian Flag was Hoisted on 7 August 1906 in Parsee Began Square in Kolkata.

First Hoisting