Agnipath Scheme: Agniveer Salary, Eligibility, Age Limit, and Benefits


Recently Government of India has introduced a new method or a scheme called the Agnipath Scheme with which you can be a part of the Great Indian Army and get a chance to serve our motherland India. But due to the sudden changes made in the Indian Army recruitment process, the youth and students are opposing this scheme.

What is Agnipath Scheme?

In simple words, Agnipath is a new HR Management scheme for the armed forces and the candidate that will be a part of this scheme will be known by the name of Agneevir.

Once the Agniveer enrolled in this scheme will get a chance to serve the nation for the next 4 years. During these 4 years, Agneevir also gets pay, perks, and all other benefits as per the rules.

Feature of Agnipath Scheme

The main key feature of this Agnipath Scheme is as follows:

  • Pan India merit-based recruitment under Agnipath Scheme.
  • The selection process will be done through a centralized, transparent, and rigorous system.
  • Opportunity to serve the nation through the Armed Force as an Agniveers.
  • Time period to Serve the Nation including training period: 4 Years.
  • Attractive monthly salary or say emoluments and benefits of Seva Nidhi after completion of 4 Years service to the Nation.
  • After 4 years you will get a chance to be a permanent part of the Armed Forces which have certain terms and conditions.
  • After enrolment in Regular Cadre pay will fix as regular cadre and pension will be provided as per regulation.
  • You will get the chance to serve the nation in various terrain including Mountains, Deserts, Seas, and Air.
  • In case of death, your family will get a one-time Non-Contributory life insurance cover that is worth ₹48 Lacs.
  • Agniveer Skill Certificate: After completion of 4 years of services, all the Agniveers will get a Detailed Skill-Set Certificate which will highlight the skill and the level of competency acquired by them during the engagement period.

Agniveer Salary under Agnipath Scheme

The monthly Salary under Agnipath Scheme for Agniveers will be as follow:

YearsMonthly SalaryIn Hand Salary
1st Year₹ 30000₹ 21000
2nd Year₹ 33000₹ 23100
3rd Year₹ 36500₹ 25550
4th Year₹ 40000₹ 28000
  • Apart from the Salary with a fixed yearly increment, they will get Risk and Hardship, Dres, and Travel allowance as well.
  • Agniveers will not be required to contribute to any Provident Funds of the Governments.
  • No Gratuity and No Pension benefits for Agniveers.
  • Other than that all Agniveers will be provided a Life Insurance Cover worth ₹ 48 Lacs during their engagement period.
  • During the engagement of their service in the Armed Force the Agniveers will get the Medical Facility at Service Hospital and they will also get CSD Provision.

Agniveer Corpus

A non-lapsable dedicated ‘Agniveer Corpus Fund’ will be created in the interest-bearing section of the Public Account head. The Agniveer Corpus fund will be administered and maintained under the aegis of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) / DMA. Contribution in Agniveer Corpus by Agniveers and the Government of India is as follows:

YearsContribution by Agniveers
per month
(30% of Salary)
Contribution by Government of India
per month
1st Year₹ 9000₹ 9000
2nd Year₹ 9900₹ 9900
3rd Year₹ 10950₹ 10950
4th Year₹ 12000₹ 12000
Total₹ 5.02 Lacs₹ 5.02 Lacs

Agnipath Seva Nidhi

After completion of 4 Years, the Agniveers will become eligible to get the Seva Nidhi package. The Seva Nidhi Package comprises the contribution of 30% salary of Agniveer and the same amount from the Government of India.

At the end of 4 years around 10.04, Lacs (₹ 5.02 + ₹ 5.02 Lacs) will be deposited under Agniveer Corpus on which the Agniveers will also get Intrest on the accumulated amount. Amount paid under Seva Nidhi will be exempted from the Income Tax.

In case any Agniveer after 4 years got selected into Regular Cadre then their Seva Nidhi amount will only consist of their contribution towards Agniveer Corpus with Interest.

If any Agniveer exit from the service before the completion of the service with their own interest, then in that situation only their contribution towards Agniveer Corpus with interest will be paid to them.


Educational Criteria10th / 12th Pass from a recognized board.
Age LimitMinimum Age Limit: 17.5 Years.
Maximum Age Limit: 21 Years (Extended to 23 Years for this year’s recruitment only)
ReservationAll India, All Class is eligible.
Medical Will be Updated Soon.

Benefits or Advantages of the Agnipath Scheme

  • For the 10th Passout candidate, the National Institue of Open Schooling will start a specially designed course for Agniveers.
  • NIOS will also help Agniveers in providing 12th pass certificates.
  • Agniveers’ in-service training will be credited in their Graduation course.
  • Sooner IGNOU will launch a customized degree course for Agniveers.
  • Provisions of Skill India Certification for Agniveers.
  • 25% of the Agniveers will get regular cadre in their respective armed forces after completion of 4 Year tenure.
  • After completion of tenure 100% of Agniveers can apply on a volunteer basis for Regular Cadre.
  • After completion of 4 Years of Tenure as an Agniveer, they will get Preference and Reservation in CAPF and other Central and State Government Agencies or Departments in the recruitment process.
  • Agniveers will get preference in getting a bank loan for their further needs like starting a Business or for study.

Final Words

In this article, you get to know about the recently launched scheme or yojana called Agnipath Scheme and the detailed information about Agniveer’s Salary, its benefits, and also about Agneepath Seva Nidhi. If you have any doubts, suggestions, or queries related to this article then don’t hesitate to comment down below.


Q: When Agnipath Recruitment will start?

Ans: From 24th June 2022.

Q: Who can join Agnipath?

Ans: Anyone who fits under the eligibility criteria can become Agniveer.