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One word substitution is a linguistic term referring to the act of replacing a group of words with a single word that expresses the same or similar meaning. It is also known as “nominalization” or “substantivization”.

One Word Substitution with Letter A: Part 1

Serial No.One Word SubstitutionMeaning
1.AbattoirA place where animals are killed for food.
2.AbbotA man who is the head of a monastery or an abbey
3.AbbreviationA shortened form of a word or phrase
4.AbdicationTo formally give up
5.AblutionRitual washing of the body.
6.AbstruseHard to understand.
7.AbundanceA quantity that is more than enough.
8.AccentuateGive more force or importance to.
9.AccomplicePartner in crime
10.AcronymA word formed from initial letters of a name.
11.AddendumThings to be added at the end of a book.
12.AdvertisementA public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc.
13.AfforestationThe act of forestation by planting many trees.
14.AgendaItems of business for consideration at a meeting.
15.AggressorSomeone who attacks first.
16.AgnosticismDoubtful about the existence of god.
17.AlienOne who belongs to a different country race of group
18.AlimonyAllowance fixed after divorce to the wife.
19.AllegoryThe story in which ideas are symbolized as people.
20.AlliterationCommencement of adjacent words with the same letter
21.AltruistOne who lives and works for the welfare of others.
22.AmateurNot professional.
23.AmbassadorA diplomatic representative of one country in another.
24.AmbidextrousEquality is skillful with each hand.
25.AmbiguousHaving more than one possible meaning.
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One Word Substitution with Letter A: Part 2

Serial No.One Word SubstitutionMeaning
1.AmnesiaPartial or total loss of memory
2.AmnestyA general pardon of political offenders.
3.AmphibianAnimals that live both on land and in water.
4.AmphitheatreA designated section of seats in any part of a theatre
5.AnalgesiaThe loss of ability to feel pain while still conscious.
6.AnarchistThe who wishes to destroy all established government’s law and order.
7.AnarchyThe absence of government in a country.
8.AnecdoteA short amusing story about some real person or event.
9.AnniversaryYearly return of the date of an event.
10.AnnualThat happens once a year.
11.AnomalyDeviation or departure from a common rule or standard or what is normal.
12.AnonymousA book or a work of art whose author is not known.
13.AntagonistOne that opposes the other.
14.AntidoteA medicine to cure the effect of poison.
15.AphasiaLoss of ability to understand speech.
16.ApostateOne who abandons his religious faith.
17.AquaticAnimals that live in water.
18.Arbitrator/ ArbiterSomeone chose to judge and decide on a disputed issue.
19.AristocracyA government by the nobles.
20.ArmisticeThe cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed.
21.AsceticOne who practices self-denial as a spiritual discipline.
22.AssassinationKilling or murder for political reasons.
23.AstrologyScience of the influence of the stars on human affairs.
24.AstronomyScience of universe with sun, moon, stars and planets.
25.AtheistA person who does not believe in the existence of God.
26.AudienceAn assembly of listeners.
27.AutobiographyThe life history of a man written by himself.
28.AutocracyA government by one person.
29.AvariciousOne who is greedy.

One Word Substitution with Letter B

Serial No.One Word SubstitutionMeaning
1.BachelorhoodThe state of being unmarried (of a man).
2.Bankrupt/ InsolventA person is unable to pay his debts.
3.BayA part of the sea/ lake is enclosed by a wide curve of the shore.
4.BeachA stretch of sand/ stones along the edge of the sea/ lake.
5.BellicoseA person who is fond of fighting.
6.BelligerentEngaged in war/ fight.
7.BenefactorOne who gives financial help to a school, hospital, etc.
8.BibliophileOne who loves and collects books.
9.BiennialThat happens once in two years.
10.BiannualThat happens twice a year.
11.BigamyThe custom of having two wives or two husbands.
12.BigotOne who is filled with narrow and prejudiced opinions.
13.BilingualOne who can speak.
14.BiographyThe life history of a man written by someone else.
15.BipedAn animal which two-feet.
16.BlasphemySpeaking inadvertently about god or sacred things.
17.BlissPerfect happiness.
18.BohemianOne who does not follow the usual norms of social life.
19.Bookworm/ BibliophilicOne who is interested in reading books and nothing else.
20.BoorishA person who is rough and ill-mannered.
21.BotanyThe science of vegetable life.
22.BrittleA thing that can be easily broken.
23.BureaucracyA government by the officials.

One Word Substitution with Letter C

Serial No.One Word SubstitutionMeaning
1.CabaretA series of a type of dance performances.
2.Cabby, cab driverThe driver of a taxi cab.
3.CacophonyHarsh sound.
4.CajolePersuade by flattery.
5.CalligraphyArt of beautiful handwriting.
6.CannibalThat eats one’s own species.
7.CatacombAn underground place where people are buried/ a complex set of interrelated things.
8.CapsizeOverturn in water.
9.CarnageThe killing of large numbers of people.
10.CarnivalPublic merry-making and feasting.
11.CartographyArt of map-making.
12.CatalogueList of books and other articles.
13.CelibateOne who has taken a vow not to have sex.
14.CemeteryThe place for corpses to the buried.
15.CentenaryHundredth anniversary
16.ChronologicalAccording to the sequence of time.
17.CircumlocutionA roundabout way of expression.
18.CloakroomThe place for the luggage is at a railway station.
19.CoerceCompel to a course of action.
20.CognateHaving the same source or origin.
21.ColleaguesPersons working in the same department.
22.CollusionA secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose.
23.ConflagrationHuge destructive fire.
24.CongregationGathering of worshippers.
25.CongruentIdentical in all respects.

One Word Substitution with Letter C: Part 2

Serial No.One Word SubstitutionMeaning
1.ConnoisseurOne who is well-versed in any subject/ art.
2.ConscriptionCompulsory enlistment for military or other services.
3.ContagiousWhich spreads by physical touch or contact.
4.ContemporaryAt the same time.
5.ContiguousTwo countries or states touching a common boundary
6.ContriteShowing deep sorrow for wrongdoing.
7.ConvalescenceThe period of the gradual recovery of health after illness.
8.ConventicleSecret and illegal religious meetings.
9.CoquetteA seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men.
10.CoronationCeremony of crowing a king.
11.CosmopolitanA person who feels at home
12.CredulousOne who is simple and easily believes whatever is told to him.
13.CrematoryThe place for corpses to be burnt.
14.CrippleSomeone who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or disability to the legs or back.
15.CurfewAn order that certain activities/movements are prohibited.
16.CynosureCentre of attraction.

One Word Substitution with Letter D

Serial NoOne Word SubstitutionMeaning
1.DeadA language that is no longer spoken.
2.DemagogueA political leader who delivers sentimental speeches.
3.DemocracyA government by the people, of the people, and for the people.
4.DenizenA person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place.
5.DepravedMorally bad or evil.
6.DeprecateExpress earnest disapproval of.
7.DermatologyThe medical study of the skin and its diseases.
8.DespondencyLoss of complete hope.
9.DestitutionLacking basic necessities of life.
10.DetrimentalCausing harm or damage
11.DexterousSkillful at handling things.
12.DiatribeBitter and violent attack in words or writing.
13.DictatorshipThe government is carried on by an absolute ruler.
14.DiplomacyThe skill and politicians/ skill in dealing with people.
15.DiscrepancyDifference between two things that should be the same.
16.DissimulateTo hide or disguise.
17.DiurnalOf the daytime.
18.DraperA shopkeeper selling cloth and clothing.
19.DrawThe result of the match where neither party wins.
20.DwarfA person, plant, or animal who/ which is below the usual size.
21.DynastyA succession of rulers belonging to one family.

One Word Substitution with Letter E

Serial NoOne Word SubstitutionsMeaning
140.EavesdropperOne who witnesses secretly private conversation.
141.Economicalone who is careful in the use of money/ fuel etc.
142.EdibleThat which is fit to be eaten.
143.EffeminateA man who is womanish in his habits.
144.EqualitarianismBelief that all people are equal and have the same rights and opportunities.
146.EligibleFit to be chosen; qualified.
147.EmergencyA sudden serious situation requiring immediate action.
148.EmeritusOne who is honorably discharged from service.
149.EmigrantA person who goes to another country to live.
150.EmissaryA person sent on a mission (usually official).
151.EpicureA person is fond of delicious food.
152.EpidemicA disease affecting many people at the same place and time
153.EpilogueA speech or a poem is recited at the end of a play.
154.EpisodePart of the story (especially T.V. or Radio show story)
155.EpisodicHappening only sometimes and irregularly.
156.EpistleA letter.
157.EpitaphWords that are inscribed on the grave.
158.EpithetAdjectives are added to a person’s name usually to criticize or praise him.
159.EpitomeA perfect example
160.EpitomizeTo be a perfect example.
Serial NoOne Word SubstitutionsMeaning
161EquanimityThe calmness of mind and temper.
162EroticaBooks, pictures, etc. Intended to arouse sexual desire
163EruditeA learned or scholarly person.
164EspionagePractice of spying
165EternalExisting forever…… without any beginning or end.
166EtymologyScience deals with the derivation of words.
167EuphemismBombastic style of writing.
168Euphonioussounding pleasant.
169EuphoriaA strong feeling of happiness.
170EvanescentOf a very short duration or period./ ephemeral/ transient
171ExplicableThat which can be explained.
172ExtemporeA speech delivered without any preparation.
173ExtravaganzaThe public activity takes place in a very elaborate, colorful and expensive way.

One Word Substitution with Letter F

Serial NoOne Word SubstitutionsMeaning
174FallacyFalse or mistaken belief.
175FanaticOne who is filled with excessive and mistaken enthusiasm.
176FastidiousOne who is hard to please.
177FatalResulting in death.
178FatalistOne who believes in destiny
179FaunaAnimals of a certain region.
180FeministOne who works for the welfare of women
181FiascoComplete failure.
182FlagstaffA long pole on which a flag is flown.
183FloraAll the plants of a particular area or period of time.
184FlukeStroke of good luck.
185ForgeryCounterfeiting of the document.
186FratricideKilling/ killer of one’s brother.
187FrenzyA state of extreme excitement.
188FrostbiteInjury to the nose, fingers, or toes, caused by extreme cold.

One Word Substitution with Letter G

Serial NoOne Word SubstitutionsMeaning
189GalleryA room or building for showing works of art
190GambleTo play games of chance, etc. For money.
191GenocideExtermination of a race or community
192GeologyThe Science of earth’s history and rocks.
193GermicideA substance that kills germs.
194GluttonOne who eats too much.
195GobbleEat fast, noisily, and greedily.
196Gratis/ GratuitousDone or obtained without payment.
197GregariousAnimals that live in flocks.
198GastronomyScience and arts of preparing and appreciating good food.