Youtuber Income in India Checkout Surprising Amount

The Youtuber Income in India can vary widely depending on various factors such as the number of subscribers, views, engagement rate, type of content, brand partnerships, and advertising revenue.

However, according to a report by Social Blade, which tracks YouTube statistics and analytics, the estimated earnings for Indian YouTubers with a million subscribers can range from $1,500 to $60,000 per month which is around 1.2 lacs to 50 Lacs per month on an average.

Youtuber Income Sources

Other than Youtube Monetization YouTubers in India make additional income from these sources:

  • Sponsorship, Brand Promotion
  • Merchandise and Sales

Why People are Looking for Youtuber Income?

There are a few reasons why people might be interested in knowing how much money YouTubers in India are making. Some of these reasons include:

  • Curiosity: There is a natural human curiosity about how much money people make, especially in industries that are relatively new, such as online content creation
  • Inspiration: Some people may be interested in pursuing a career as a YouTuber themselves and want to know if it’s a viable option for making a living.
  • Industry Insights: Brands and marketers may be interested in knowing how much YouTubers in India are making in order to gain insights into the industry and understand how to work with creators more effectively.
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Youtube for Content Creators

At present Youtube Offers a wide range of benefits for content creators such as:

  • Global Audience Reach
  • Analytics and insights
  • Community Building
  • Flexibility
  • Career Opportunity
  • Monetization and much more.

Youtuber Income in India

India has a growing YouTube community, and there are several popular YouTubers who have achieved significant success and have built large audiences. Some of the biggest Indian YouTubers include:

Flying Beast aka Gaurav Taneja, Mr. Indian Hacker aka Dilraj, Crazy XYZ aka Amit, Technical Guruji aka Gaurav Chaudhary, Amit Bhadana, Carry Minati, Ashish Chanchalani, Sandeep Maheshwari, Pushkar Raj Thakur, BB Ki Vinesh aka Bhuvan Bam and etc.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Channel NameSandeep Maheshwari | Sandeep Maheshwari Spirituality
Owned and Managed BySandeep Maheshwari and Team
Channel NicheMotivational Speaker | Spiritual Talks
Subscriber27 Million | 1.6 Million
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)0 (Monetisation Off) ❤️

Flying Beast

Channel NameFlying Beast | Fit Muscle TV | Rashbhari Ke Papa
Owned and Managed ByGaurav Taneja
Channel NicheDaily Vlogs | Lifestyle and Workout | Gaming
Subscriber7.8 Million | 2.2 Million | 1.25 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)1.0 Crore – 1.5 Crore Per Month

Mumbiker Nikhil

Channel NameMumbiker Nikhil
Owned and Managed ByNikhil Sharma
Channel NicheLifestyle & Daily Vlogs
Subscriber4 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)4 Lacs – 55 Lacs
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Carry Minati

Channel NameCarry Minati | CarryisLive | CarryMinati Production Official
Owned and Managed ByAjey Nagar
Channel NicheRoasting | Game Streaming | Vlogs
Subscriber38 Million | 12 Million | 800K
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)20 Lacs – 60 Lacs

Ashish Chanchalani

Channel NameAshish Chanchalani Vines
Owned and Managed ByAshish Chanchalani
Channel NicheComedy
Subscriber29.5 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$9.9K  –  $159.1K

Amit Bhadana

Channel NameAmit Bhadana | Amit Bhadana Dwitiya
Owned and Managed ByAmit Bhadana
Channel NicheComedy | Behind The Scene
Subscriber24.5 Million | 600K
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$2.9K  –  $46.2K

Technical Guruji

Channel NameTechnical Guruji | Gaurav Chaudhary | TG Shorts
Owned and Managed ByGaurav Chaudhary
Channel NicheTechnology | Vlogs | Technology
Subscriber23 Million | 5.2 Million | 600K
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$5.9K  –  $93.7K

BB Ki Vines

Channel NameBB Ki Vines | BB Ki Vines Production
Owned and Managed ByBhuvan Bam
Channel NicheComedy | Behind The Scene and Promotional
Subscriber26 Million | 800K
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$12.4K  –  $198.2K

Total Gaming

Channel NameTotal Gaming | Ajay Verse
Owned and Managed ByAjay
Channel NicheGame Streaming | Roast
Subscriber35 Million | 6.8 Million
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$9.4K  –  $150K

Techno Gamerz

Channel NameTechno Gamerz | Ujjawal
Owned and Managed ByUjjawal Chourasia
Channel NicheGaming | Multiniche
Subscriber32 Million | 9.5 Million
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$59.2K  –  $946.5K | $5.1K  –  $81.8K

AS Gaming

Channel NameAS Gaming
Owned and Managed BySahil Rana
Channel NicheMultiniche
Subscriber20 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$7K  –  $112K


Channel NameRound2Hell | Round2Hell Vlogs
Owned and Managed ByManaged by BrandzUp
Channel NicheComedy | Vlogs
Subscriber30 Million | 3.1 Million
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$7.4K  –  $119.1K | $877  –  $14K

Crazy XYZ

Channel NameCrazy XYZ | The Indian Unboxer | Amit XYZ
Owned and Managed ByAmit and his Teams
Channel NicheExperiments | Unboxing | Vlogs
Subscriber26 Million | 4 Million | 1 Million
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$39K  –  $623.3K | — | $411  –  $6.6K

Mr. Indian Hacker

Channel NameMr. Indian Hacker | Dilraj Singh | Mr. Indian Hacker Vlogs
Owned and Managed ByDilraj Singh and his Team
Channel NicheExperiments
Subscriber30 Million | 3 Million | 2 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$15.6K  –  $249.1K | — | $447  –  $7.2K

Pushkar Raj Thakur

Channel NamePushkar Raj Thakur: Business Coach
Owned and Managed ByPushkar Raj Thakur
Channel NicheBusiness guidance and Money Making Ideas
Subscriber7.5 Million
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)$3K  –  $47.6K

Dushyant Kukreja

Channel NameDushyant Kukreja | Dushyant Kukreja Life
Owned and Managed ByDushyant Kukreja
Channel NicheShorts Comedy | Vlogs
Subscriber22.5 Million | 250K
Youtuber Income Estimation (Per Month)

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Channel NameDr. Vivek Bindra
Owned and Managed ByDr. Vivek Bindra and his Team
Channel NicheMotivational Speaker
Subscriber21 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$6.2K  –  $99.9K

Khan GS Research Center

Channel NameKhan GS Research Center
Owned and Managed ByKhan Sir
Channel NicheEducation
Subscriber21 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$10.3K  –  $164.9K

Village Cooking Channel

Channel NameVillage Cooking Channel
Owned and Managed ByVillage Cooking Channel Team
Channel NicheCooking
Subscriber20 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$35.1K  –  $562K

Sourav Joshi Vlogs

Channel NameSourav Joshi Vlogs
Owned and Managed BySourav Joshi
Channel NicheDaily Vlogs
Subscriber20 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$65.7K  –  $1.1M

Triggered Insaan

Channel NameTriggered Insaan | Live Insaan
Owned and Managed ByNischay Malhan
Channel NicheRoast | Multiniche Streaming
Subscriber18 Million | 10 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$9.3K  –  $149.1K | $7.8K  –  $125.3K

Harsh Beniwal

Channel NameHarsh Beniwal
Owned and Managed ByBrandzUp
Channel NicheComedy
Subscriber15.5 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$2K  –  $31.7K


Channel NameMythpat
Owned and Managed ByMithilesh Patnakar
Channel NicheGaming and Vlogs
Subscriber13.5 Million
Youtube Income Estimation (Per Month)$11.3K  –  $180.2K

Final Words

Through this article, you came to know how much YouTubers from India and the world earn by uploading videos on YouTube. Further, if you have any doubts, queries, or feedback related to this Article then let us know by commenting down below.


Q: Do YouTubers get a monthly salary?

Ans: No, Youtubers are not getting a monthly salary but they are getting paid for the views they are getting on their videos. And the amount paid by youtube to the YouTubers is just the revenue shared by Youtube from the advertisers.

Q: How much do 100K subscribers earn?

Ans: It is difficult to tell on the basis of subscribers how much money a Youtuber would be earning. The income of any YouTuber depends on the niche in which he makes videos. Let me tell you, Youtuber who makes technology-based videos earn more as compared to Youtuber whose channel is based on News.

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