Basic English Words to Learn for Kids, Beginners (250+ đź“š)


English is the most common language preferred by students and also by professionals across the world. And to learn this we need to know some Basic English Words to start with it. Here we have provided some basic English words that are generally used by us in our daily life.

Basic English Words for Kids – Part 1

Serial No.English WordsMeaning
1.Vanishto stop existing
2.Regretto feel sorry that you did something o
to tie or fasten with string or rope
4.Blustertalk in a loud
5.Feelbe capable of sensation.
6.Troubledifficulty or problem
7.Disgustingvery unpleasant
8.Approachto come near
9.Carelessresulting from a lack of thought or attention to detail
10.Whisperto speak very quietly into somebody’s ear

Basic English Words for Kids – Part 2

Serial No.English WordsMeaning
1.Securitythe state of feeling safe and being free from worry
2.Violencebehavior which harms or damages somebody/something physically
3.Injuredphysically or mentally hurt
4.Nonsensestatements or beliefs that you think are ridiculous or not true
5.Reliablethat you can trust
to hit somebody with the inside of your hand when it is flat
8.Couragethe ability to control fear in a situation that may be dangerous or unpleasant
9.Fantasticstrange and difficult to believe
10.Societythe people in a country or area, thought of as a group

Basic English Words for Kids- Part 3

Serial No.English WordsMeaning
1.Behaviorthe way that you act or behave
2.Advicean opinion that you give somebody about what he/she should do
3.Methoda way of doing something
4.Noticethe act of paying attention to something or knowing about something
5.Officea room, set of rooms or a building where people work, usually sitting at desks
6.Mattera subject or situation that you must think about and give your attention to
7.Defameto harm somebody by saying or writing bad or false things about him/her
8.Desirethe feeling of wanting something very much; a strong wish
9.Experta person who has a lot of special knowledge or skill
10.Garbagerubbish or waste, especially domestic refuse.

Basic English Words for Beginners – Part 1

Serial No.English WordsMeaning
1.Indeedused for emphasizing a positive statement or answer
2.Incomethe money you receive regularly as payment for your work
3.Strikea period of time when people refuse to go to work, usually because they want more money or better working conditions
4.Hesitateto pause before you do something or before you take a decision, usually because you are uncertain or worried
5.Pranka trick that is played on somebody as a joke
7.Controlpower and ability to make somebody/something do what you want
8.Attentionwatching, listening to or thinking about somebody/something carefully
9.Suggestiona plan or idea that somebody mentions for somebody else to discuss and consider
10.Appetitea strong desire for something, especially food

Basic English Words with Letter A

Here we have provided basic English words starting with the letter A.

Serial NumberBasic WordsExample/Meaning
1.AbleWill you able to come in a meeting on time.
2.AboutLunch is just about to be ready.
3.AlmostThe food was almost finished.
4.AboveThe kids in the room above make a lot of noise.
5.AbsoluteThe movie was almost a disaster.
6.AccentHe speaks with a strong Bhojpuri accent.
7.Aswhile something else is happening
8.AshamedShe was ashamed of her poor family background.
9.AskThe security guard asked about the entry pass.
10.AsideWe stood aside from the pedestrian.
11.AcrossGeet swims across the river.
12.ActiveMy grandfather is still very active for his age.
13.ActorShahrukh Khan is a Bollywood actor recognized by the world.
14.AlwaysMy friend always gets ups at 10:AM.
15.AmountI have to pay a huge electricity amount this month.
16.AnytimeYou can visit the doctor’s clinic at any time.
17.Auntthe sister of one’s father or mother or the wife of one’s uncle.
18.Autumnthe season after summer and before winter
19.AwayJust go away from here, I don’t want to talk to you.
20.ArmHe was carrying a bundle of paper under his arm.
21.ArmyThe Indian Army.
22.AnotherWould you please share your other contact details?
23.AngryHe was angry with her daughter.
24.AgoShyam left 5 minutes ago for his school.
25.AppearMy brother appears to be very happy after getting a Government job.
26.AlreadyHave you finished your work already?
27.AnythingThe fog was so dense that I could not see anything at all.
28.AloneI used to prefer live alone.
29.AreaThe building area of this mall is 2 acres.
30.ActivityThis school involves lots of activities for kids.
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Basic English Words with Letter B

Here we have provided basic English words starting with the letter B.

Serial NumberBasic WordsExample/Meaning
1.BackgroundWill you please ignore this background noise?
2.BackA camel has a hump on its back.
3.BarCan you please share some chocolate bars with us?
4.BagAvoid using plastic bags.
5.Baketo cook or be cooked in an oven in dry heat
6.BalanceOn my birthday, my mother baked a cake for me.
7.BeyondHer thought is beyond my imagination.
8.Bandwe danced a lot in the bhangra band.
9.BigWe were not allowed to stop that argument.
10.BikeAlways wear a helmet while riding a bike.
11.BinAlways throw your garbage in the bin.
12.Birthmy daughter weighed 4 kilos at birth.
13.BindTwo couples are bound together around their feelings.
14.BitThe kids annoyed me a bit.
15.BlowDon’t blow your horn near a Scholl or Hospital.
16.BoardNow my house needed a new floorboard.
17.BodyThe animal body.
18.BoilWater started boiling at a temperature of 100 degrees Celcius.
19.BondNo one can define the bond of love between mother and child.
20.BoneHe met with a road accident and his arm got broken.
21.BranchElectronics is a branch of Engineering.
22.BrandDuring the recession, the brand value of Apple got down.
23.BreakRam broke his leg in a road accident.
24.Breatheto take air into your lungs and blow it out again
25.BushLots of bushes are grown in this park.
26.BedroomYou can sleep in my guest bedroom.
27.BetterHe is much better at English than me.
28.BorrowRam borrowed money from the bank for his business.
29.BraveThe Indian Soldiers are brave.
30.BusinessI am going to start an online business very soon.

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Basic English Words with Letter C

Here we have provided basic English words starting with the letter C.

Serial NumberBasic WordsExample/Meaning
1.CalculateWe can’t calculate how long this project will take.
2.Cakea sweet food made by mixing flour, eggs, butter, sugar, etc
3.CageA bird Cage.
4.ChainMy wife wears a Gold Chain around her neck.
5.ChewMy dog loves to chew bone.
6.ChickenThe chicken soup served in this restaurant is just amazing.
7.CallI will call you later.
8.CalmKeep calm and stay focused.
9.ChiefMr. Abhishesk was the chief of the Police Department.
10.ChildChild abuse is a punishable offense.
11.CheapSmartphones are getting cheaper nowadays.
12.ChoiceIt was his choice to live alone.
13.ChooseYou are free to choose where will you go.
14.CommunityThere is an increase in Punjabi Community in Canada.
15.CompanyA new smartphone company is planning to build a factory in this city.
16.CompetitionCompetition for getting a government job is too high.
17.ComplainI just made a complaint about their pathetic customer service.
18.CutBe careful not to cut your fingers while cutting the vegetables.
19.CurrentThe current Russia and Ukraine war situation does not seem to be calm.
20.ChooseThe online viewers choose this video to go viral.
21.Chipthe place where a small piece of stone, glass, wood, etc. has broken off something
22.CompleteThis app will help you to complete your examination preparation.
23.CustomerThis shopkeeper’s behavior with their customer is pathetic.
24.CompareNever compare yourself with others.
25.Comba flat piece of metal or plastic with teeth that you use for making your hair tidy
26.ClimbSomehow I managed to claim this mountain.
27.ContinueRam continues his education even after getting a job.
28.CryNever cry for your past.
29.CrashThe car crashed into the wall.
30.CornerThe sweet shop is on the corner of JP Chawk.
31.ControlControl your anger otherwise, anger will control you.
Basic English Words to Learn

Basic English Words with Letter D

Here we have provided basic English words starting with the letter D.

Serial NumberBasic WordsExample/Meaning
1.DanceSita can’t dance very well.
2.DangerDrunk bikers are a danger to everyone on road.
3.DisciplineA driver should follow traffic discipline.
4.DisappearHe disappears into the crowd.
5.DisappointmentMy parents got disappointed with my result.
6.DiscoverThe number Zero was discovered by Aryabhatt.
7.DisgustThe film was so bad that we walked out in disgust.
8.DiseaseRats and insects spread disease.
9.DishThe primary dish of the dinner was Curry-Chawal.
10.DistanceGoogle Maps will help you to find the distance between the cities.
11.Districta part of a town or country that is special for a particular reason or is of a particular type
12.DisturbDon’t disturb me while studying.
13.Diveto jump into the water with your arms and head first
14.DivideMy house was divided up into flats.
15.DivorceMr. and Mr. Sharma applied for divorce as they are not living happily together.
16.DoubleMy earning got doubled this financial year.
17.Dirtynot clean
18.DuringDuring this summer holiday, we went to Nainital with our parents.
19.DoubtTaking a special doubt class is a great way to interact with the student.
20.DumpNuclear and Reactive Materials should not be dumped into the sea.
21.DutyA soldier must do his duty.
22.DownThe rain was running down the window.
23.DrawI can draw your face on a piece of paper.
24.DropThe parachutist dropped safely to the ground.
25.DependentAt present, I am dependent on my parents.
26.DevelopScientists have developed drugs against deadly diseases.
27.DieSyrian people will die of hunger.
28.DifficultIt’s very difficult to work in the early morning.
29.DifferentYou look very different with long hair.
30DiscoverScientists are hoping to discover the cause of the epidemic.

Basic English Words with Letter E

Here we have provided basic English words starting with the letter E.

Serial NumberBasic WordsExample/Meaning
1.EachEach session lasts an hour.
2.EveryI had made her promise to meet her every day.
3.EarlyThe research is still in its early stage.
4.EastThe Sun rises in the east.
5.EagerGovind is eager to help needy people.
6.EventLast night the annual event of my college was successful.
7.EgoIt was a blow to her ego when she lost her job
8.EvenFor skating the surface must be even.
9.ExpectI am expecting a baby girl.
10.ExceptThe theatre is open every day except Thursday.
11.EvaluateOne should evaluate the situation carefully before taking any decision.
12.EarnI am earning 1 lacs rupees a month.
13.Emaila way of sending electronic messages or data from one computer to another
14.EasyIt’s not easy to live in a new city alone.
15.ElseWhat else do you like?
16.EmbarrasDon’t ever try to embarrass me in front of my parent.
17.EmotionHer girlfriend’s voice was filled with emotion.
18.EmpireThe Ashoka Empire.
19.EmployeeThere is 100 employee working in this factory.
20.EngineerThis bridge was built by a civil engineer.
21.EnoughIn the past few months, I had saved enough money to buy a laptop.
22.Enormousvery big or very great
23.Eagerstrongly wanting to do or have something
24.EnjoyI enjoy watching good films
25.Energythe ability to be very active or do a lot of work without getting tired
26.EngageHe was engaged in doing his office work.
27.Enginethe part of a vehicle that produces power to make the vehicle move
28.Examinationa detailed inspection or study
29.Everybodyall people
30.Endthe furthest or last part of something

Basic English Words with Letter F

Here we have provided basic English words starting with the letter F.

Serial NumberSimple WordsMeaning
1.Farthe largest distance away between two or more things
2.Fakea person who is not really what he/she appears to be
3.Funpleasure and enjoyment
4.FavoriteWhat is your favorite animal?
5.FoulThis tea tastes foul!
6.FailShyam failed his driving test.
7.FacultyHe is a faculty of the Science and Humanities.
8.Faintlosing consciousness
9.FaithMy friend lost faith in God.
10.FakeMy dad owns a fake passport.
11.FallOh! she fell from the ladder.
12.FabricI just love this cotton fabric.
13.FaceSita came up with a smile on her face.
14.Factorya building or group of buildings where goods are made in large quantities by machine
15.FamousArijit Singh is a famous singer.
16.FamilyWe live in a joint family.
17.Farmera person who owns or manages a farm
18.FavorCould we ask you for a favor?
19.FastenAlways fasten your seat belt while driving.
20.FearPeople of these cities live in fear of death due to earthquakes.
21.Fearlessnever afraid
22.FeatureHis smartness is his best feature.
23.FeedNever forget to feed your pets.
24.Feelingsomething that you feel in your mind or body
25.FinanceHow will you manage your finance for this project?
26.Filmmakera person who directs or produces films for the cinema or television.
27.FinalMy parent’s decision is always final.
28.Figurean amount (in numbers) or a price
29.FightMy younger brothers were always fighting.
30.FellowShyam is a research fellow in Electronics Department.

Final Words

With the help of this article, you got to know some Basic English Words which are commonly used by us in our daily life with some examples and meanings. Further, if you have any doubts, queries, or feedback related to this article then let us know by commenting down below.


Q: What are the 10 new Basic English Words?

Ans: E-waste, Abnegation, Nomophobia, Hellacious, Blert, Iconoclast, Adulting, Doomscrolling, Quarantine, Iconoclast, etc.

Q: What are some basic English words?

Ans: Angry, Army, Another, Avoid, Beg, Bet, Borrow, Bite, Bit, Best, Common, Condition, Compulsion, Compensation, etc are the most basic English words.