10+ Applications for Transfer Certificate or TC 8th, 10th, 12th, College

Application for TC or Transfer Certificate

Application for TC or Transfer Certificated is required during getting admission into another school or college. A transfer Certificate or Leaving Certificate is an important paper that is issued by the School/College or University to students for getting admission into another School/College or University for higher study. What is TC or Transfer Certificate? Basically, TC … Read more

5+ Minor to Major Bank Account Application or Letter Format

Application or Letter for Minor to Major Bank Account Update

Before moving ahead let’s get clear about what is minor and major bank accounts are and also what are differences between them. Minor Bank Account: Basically Minor account is a type of account that is opened by a bank for a customer aged less than 18. Also, a minor bank account comes with some limitation … Read more

Application for reissue Missing or Lost Passbook

Application or Letter for Lost Passbook to Bank Manager

Writing an application for the missing or lost passbook even for reissuing a completely filled passbook is a matter of minutes. Just modify some basic information of format or samples given below and then write it on your own. How to Reissuing Missing or Lost Passbook? Follow the steps given below to reissue lost or … Read more

10+ Bank Account Closing Application or Letter

Bank Account Closing Application or Letter to manager

First, let’s get clear about why a bank account closing application is needed. Actually, the purpose of writing an account closure application is that when you don’t want to operate your account in a bank due to some personal or genuine reason, then closing that account is a good option for you. How to write … Read more

7+ Full Fee Concession Application or Letter for School, College

Fee Concession Application to Principal for School College Office

Fee Concession Application is mostly needed in School, College, or any such education institution by Students to share their financial or any similar kind of problem to get fee concession from institute administration. Writing a fee concession application is the best way to share the problems with the institute. How to write Fee Concession Application … Read more

Application and Letter Format for Bank Account or Branch Transfer

Application format sample to transfer bank account

Transferring a bank account or changing the branch of the bank is the same process. Just because the name is different, many times there is a situation of confusion, that arises among the bank’s customers. The need of transferring a bank account arises whenever you change your office or house and then the branch of … Read more