Any Amount and Number in Words Converter in Indian Rupees

Mostly the term Amount in Words is used in banks to fill the deposit and withdrawal forms or Demand Draft or Cheques in India into Indian Currency Rupees. Amount in Words converter is a Free tool specially designed for use by the Indians to write or convert any amount or number up to 9 Digits into words.

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What is the Usage of Amount in Words?

Amount in words is mostly used in Banking Sector, which is mostly used here.

  1. During filling out the Bank Deposit Form.
  2. While collecting money from banks in withdrawal forms.
  3. While writing a Cheque or asking for Demand Drafts.

How to Write Amount in Words?

There are two ways to Convert any amount into words.

  1. Using this free Amount into Words Converter Tool.
  2. Conventional Method
Number or indian ruppes into words for Cheque or bank
Number or Indian Rupees into words for Cheque or bank

1. How to Convert Amounts into Words Using Converter?

First of all, we will let this clear to you, that amount in words is mostly used in Banking Terms. Writing any Amount in words is as simple as writing numbers. Just provide and enter the number into the above input field which you want to convert into words.

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Ex: Convert 12,450 and 10,53,639 amount in words.

  1. To convert 12,450 into words, simply enter this number into the above text field and you will get the result in the form of words like this: Twelve Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Rupees
  2. In a similar way to convert 1053601 into words, just enter this number into above text field and you will get the result like this: Ten Lakh Fifty Three Thousand Six Hundred and Thirty Nine Rupees.

2. Conventional Method

There is another method to write amounts in words is by using the conventional method, which taught by our teacher during school time. Simply look at numbers with their respective places and then look at the table below and finally combined those words together.

Numbers at Unit or say One’s Place


Numbers at Tens Places

Example for Tens Place

Q. Write 21 Rupees Amount into Words.

Ans: Break 21 into tens and one place: 20 + 1. Now write ’20 = Twenty’ and ‘1 = One’, after combining these together it will become Twenty One.

Q. Write 99 Rupees Amount into Words.

Ans: Step 1: 99 = 90 + 9,

Step 2: 90 = Ninety, 9 = Nine,

Step 3: Ninety + Nine = Ninety Nine.

Numbers at Hundred Place

100One Hundred
200Two Hundred
300Three Hundred
400Four Hundred
500Five Hundred
600Six Hundred
700Seven Hundred
800Eight Hundred
900Nine Hundred

Numbers at Thousands Place

1000One Thousand
2000Two Thousand
3000Three Thousand
4000Four Thousand
5000Five Thousand
6000Six Thousand
7000Seven Thousand
8000Eight Thousand
9000Nine Thousand
💡 Write 1199 Rupees Amount into Words.
🗣 One Thousand One Hundred Ninty Nine.
💡 Write 49799 Rupees Amount into Words.
🗣 Forty-Nine Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninty Nine

Benefits of Amount in Words Converter Tool

There are lots of benefits to using this Amount in Words converter tool, some of them are as follows.

  1. Easy to Use.
  2. Completely Free.
  3. Easily Accessible.
  4. It saves you from making any minor mistakes while filling out forms related to banking transactions.

Final Words

Through this free Amount in Words converter tool, you came to know how you can convert any number or amount into words very easily. Further, if you have any doubts, suggestions, or feedback related to this Free Tool, then let us know by commenting down below.


Q: Write 100000 Amount in Words

Ans: One Lacs Rupees.

Q: Write 99,99,999 Amount in Words

Ans: Ninety Nine Lacs Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Rupees only

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