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How to Book Ola Cab or Bike Online Step-by-Step Guide – 2023


OLA is a cab service provider that is available in many cities across India. It is a convenient and affordable way to get around, especially in large cities. Ola cabs, Bikes, or even its Auto rental service can be booked online or by using their dedicated application.

How to Book OLA Cab, Bike, or Auto Rickshaw Online

Booking an OLA Cab, Bike, or even its Auto Rickshaw is just a few-minute process. You can book any of its services through its Website or by its dedicated application available on Android and even on the iOS App Store. To book any services from this cab company you need a Smartphone or Laptop, an officially released Application, or a Web Browser.

Services offered by OLA Cab

  • Point-to-Point Rides: Best option available for one-way rides.
  • Outstation Rides: Suitable for Trips or Long Journey with family or for office-related work.
  • Hourly Packages: Suitable for marketing or for moving around the city.

Ways to Booking OLA Cabs

  • OLA Mobile Application.
  • Booking through Official Website.
  • Booking with a Phone Call.
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Step by Step Guide for Booking OLA Cab, Bike, Taxi, or Auto

  • Step 1: Download and Install OLA Application on your smartphone.
  • Step 2: Sign Up to OLA using your Mobile Number/Google Account/Facebook Account or Sign in with your early used mobile Number or Account.
  • Step 3: Verify your OTP.
  • Step 4: Allow required permission asked by the App. Such as your Location and Phone.
  • Step 5: Once your setup is completed then a Screen will appear on your phone where you can see your live location on the map. Before moving further make sure your Location is correct and your GPS is active.
  • Step 6: Select from any one of these options available as per your requirement and convenience.
    • Daily: To go to your destination.
    • Rental: To book a cab on an hourly basis from available options.
    • Outstation: Tap on this to book your cab for the outstation or for a longer journey.
  • Step 7: Enter your Destination under the Search Destination search box and also select it from the available map.
  • Step 8: Now choose your car from Mini to Prime Sedan. You can also select Auto or Bike from the list as per your requirement by looking at the Estimated Fare.
  • Step 9: Select any one payment option from Cash, Coupon, or Myself. (You can also use OLA Money or any other digital wallet such as Paytm or PhonePay for this purpose.)
  • Step 10: Finally Click on Book.
  • Step 11: You will get an OTP Code on your registered id (Mobile Number/Email).
  • Step 12: Before starting your journey don’t forget to share your OTP code with your cab driver.

The nearest available OLA cab from your location will get your booking order and will get in touch with you by calling you.

Advantages of Online Cab Booking Services

If you hesitate to book or use the services of any online rental car service then you must go through these advantages before making any further decision.

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  • Very Convenient: Book from anywhere and at any time.
  • Safer: You are assured of a safe and comfortable journey as the car was driven by an experienced driver.
  • Very Affordable: Fares are very reasonable and they can’t take even a single rupee extra from you. Even from time to time OLA offers discounts on cab booking.
  • Faster: Online cab booking services are often faster and more efficient than local cab companies.
  • Advance Booking: Within a minute you can easily book your taxi in advance, which means you don’t need to worry at the last moment of your journey.

Dis-Advantages of Online Cab Booking Services

Some potential downsides of using any online cab booking services are:

  • Sometimes Expensive: Sometimes it might be more expensive compared to traditional taxis. Especially if you are hailing a ride from a populated area or during peak hours.
  • Less Reliable: as these online cab booking services are often dependent on independent contractors, so sometimes they might not be reliable as a professional driver.
  • Less Availability: Online cab booking services are still not available in all areas or cities across the country. So, in that situation, traditional taxis are the only option available for you.

Final Thoughts

With this article, you get to know How to Book OLA Cabs online? and at the end, you also get to know about the advantages and some disadvantages of online cab service booking. If you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback related to this post, then let us know by commenting down below.


Q: Can I book Ola over the phone?

Ans: Yes, you can book OLA by using your phone. For that, use the OLA app on your smartphone without an internet connection.

Q: What’s cheaper Uber or Ola?

Ans: OLA is cheaper compared to UBER.