Reverse GST Calculator for India | GST Inclusive Calculator

Reverse GST Calculator or GST Inclusive Calculator is a simple mathematical-based tool that will help you to calculate Reverse GST just by putting the billed amount. With the help of this tool, you can easily calculate your Bill Amount with the exemption of GST.

How to Calculate Reverse GST in Reverse GST Calculator?

Follow the Step-by-Step guide on How you can simply use this Reverse GST Calculator.

  • Step 1: Enter the Amount on which GST Rates are included in the topmost field.
  • Step 2: Now select your GST Slab or say GST Rate which is applicable.
  • Step 3: Amount Excluding GST shows the Base Price of any product or service without GST.
  • Step 4: Total GST Amount, this field will show you the Amount which you have to pay to Government.
  • Step 5: GST Breakup section will show you the amount which will divide under CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax) and SGST (State Goods and Service Tax)

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What is Reverse GST Charge Mechanism?

A reverse charge on GST is a mechanism in which the liability to pay tax is shifted to the buyer from the seller of goods or services. This is applicable in many cases some cases might be the seller is located outside the state from where the goods or services are being procured, or another situation might be a supplier is an unregistered person.

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Whereas in another case the seller might be notified under government notification to pay reverse tax for the Goods or Services offered by the. In such cases, the recipient of goods or services shall be liable to pay GST. This can be a burden for the recipient, as they may have to pay GST on supplies that would otherwise be exempt.

Benefits of Reverse GST Calculator

The reverse GST (Goods and Services Tax) calculator is a tool that helps individuals calculate the pre-GST cost of a product or service. While the benefits of using a reverse GST calculator can vary depending on the specific circumstances, here are some potential advantages:

  1. Cost Analysis: The reverse GST calculator allows individuals to analyze the cost breakdown of a product or service before the application of GST. It helps in understanding how much of the total cost is attributed to taxes, enabling better cost management and decision-making.
  2. Price Comparison: By calculating the pre-GST cost, individuals can compare prices across different products or services more accurately. This allows for informed purchasing decisions and enables consumers to identify the best value for their money.
  3. Transparency: The reverse GST calculator promotes transparency by providing clarity on the GST component of a product or service’s cost. It allows individuals to verify whether the appropriate GST rate has been applied, ensuring fair pricing and reducing the likelihood of errors or discrepancies.
  4. Tax Planning: For businesses, the reverse GST calculator can assist in tax planning. By understanding the pre-GST cost, businesses can assess the impact of GST on their profit margins, pricing strategies, and overall financial planning.
  5. Compliance Verification: The reverse GST calculator can be used to verify the accuracy of GST calculations provided by suppliers or invoices. It helps individuals ensure that the correct GST amount has been charged, improving compliance with tax regulations and avoiding potential issues with tax authorities.
  6. Education and Awareness: Using a reverse GST calculator can help individuals develop a better understanding of how GST affects prices and taxes. It promotes financial literacy, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and engage in discussions about tax policies and implications.

The formula for Reverse GST Calculator and its calculation

There are two ways to find Reverse GST: either you can use the above-designed tool for free or you can also use the formula given below to simply calculate Reverse GST on your own.

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First, we will find out the Base Price or say Amount Excluding  GST:

Base Price = Amount Inclusive GST × 100 / (100 + GST Rate Value)

Now with the help of the Base Price, you can easily calculate Reverse GST:

Reverse GST = Amount Inclusive GST – Base Price

Example based on Reverse GST Calculator

You can simply understand the process of Reverse GST Calculation using these examples.

Reverse calculation of GST 18%

Q 1: For Example, if the Manufacturing Cost of a product including GST Amount is ₹1180 at the rate of 18%, then what will be the Base Price or Manufacturing Cost without GST will be?
Ans: Base Price = GST Inclusive Amount × 100 / (100 + GST Rate Value)
Base Price = 1180 × 100 / (100 + 18)
Base Price = ₹1000

Reverse calculation of GST 12%

Q 2: If the service charge of an Electrician offered to a company is ₹2550 then at the rate of 12% at which Base Price Reverse GST would be paid by the company to the government?
Ans: Since in this scenario the Company has to pay Reverse GST to Government so the calculation of the Base Price is as follows:
Base Price = GST Inclusive Amount × 100 / (100 + GST Rate Value)
Base Price = 2550 × 100 / (100 + 12)
Base Price = ₹ 2276.786

FAQs about GST Inclusive Calculator and Charge

  • Reverse Charge is only applicable on notified goods and services by the government.
  • This means we can’t pay reverse charges to the government on our own.
  • If a registered person gets the product or any supply from an unregistered person then the registered person is liable to pay the Reverse GST Charge.
  • A reverse Charge is paid by the insurance company when services are offered by Insurance Agent.
  • A reverse Charge is paid by the Business Entity when services are offered by its advocate.
  • A company or a body corporate is liable to pay reverse charges against Director Services.
  • NBFC, Banking Company, or Financial Institution is liable to pay the Reverse Charges against the services offered by the Recovery Agent.

Final Words

With the help of this free Reverse GST Calculator or say GST Inclusive Calculator, you can simply calculate Reverse GST on any Amount. To find out the Reverse GST, you need to provide the GST slab and amount. We are hoping you got the answer that you are looking for. Further, if you have any doubt, confusion, or feedback related to this tool, then let us know by commenting down below.


Q: How do I remove 18 GST from my total amount?

Ans: To remove 18% GST from Total Amount, you can use this formula: [Original Cost = Total Cost-Total Cost×0.18]

Q: How do I calculate GST on a total amount?

Ans: GST on a total amount can be calculated with this formula: GST = (Total Amount × GST Rate) / 100

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